FAF 26/2/15

26/2/15 FAF: Had a great time tonight at FAF Promotions’ night at Field Mill. Compering was Jim Bayes, who was competent, if not spectacular, but got better as the night went on. I’d be interested in seeing him do a routine, rather than work with a cold crowd. The first act was Tom Taylor, who is a musical act, not a genre of which I’m a fan to be honest. His stage persona is hesitant and faux borderline incompetent, which I felt got in the way of his set. His musical comedy was good, but… perhaps let down by how he set it. He got laughs for messing with the microphone and doing nervous giggles, but he got far better laughs for doing the songs. The next 3 acts, were all people getting stage time. Jared Shooter who I’ve seen before, who has impressed me before and who impressed me again. He had a few erms between bits, but at this stage that’s expected. He went down well and was nice to see. Davey Liddle, with heavy cold was up next. He was very polished, with just one slip in a set that hung together well. Roland Gent was the 3rd of the trio of new acts. He has the pave of a guy running a meat auction, good gags, short stories and was perfect for the environment. The closer was Daliso Chaponda, a comic who has done work on Radio 4 and I can conceivably see on Live at the Apollo and soon. He totally smashed the room. He was an extremely strong closer and would be a great support for someone such as Russell Howard when he is next on tour.


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