Funhouse Comedy Southwell 12/3/15

12/3/15 Funhouse Comedy in Southwell: I wasn’t expecting to be here, as I was up for going to Melton for a night, but as I’d only seen Big JP and PD last week, I went here. Compere was Spikey Mike, who is competent and knows when to finish chatting to people and let the acts on, unlike some comperes (Johnny Vegas, yes I’m looking at you). First act was Mike Bubbins, who was very good, with a wide range of material covering a lot of ground quickly. He didn’t… spend 10 minutes on one area and so it seemed to move fast. He has a strong Welsh accent which I found challenging, but it isn’t any real impediment in playing the North. He kept the room in his grip. After the intermission, it was two ten spots. Sunil Patel with a smooth and well practiced set that was well thought out and worked well. Jon Wagstaffe followed. He is a high energy act, who would make a good opener to get the room going. He is very, very fast with his material and delivery and in those 10 minutes, probably did 20 minutes of material for most comics. However, he does suffer a drawback in adding volume and speed to his routine for a greater impact. I think 20 minutes of being shouted at may be a bit much for a few people. The closer was Joe Lycett who reminded me of a young Frankie Howerd, both in style and also very much in ability. He totally smashed the gig. Within 30 seconds of saying hello, he had the room with him and was getting big laughs for everything. Nothing fell flat, even the improv with a chap nipping to the loo. I’m not sure how he’d play in a Miners’ Welfare, as I feel the crowd may not give him a chance to shine, but tonight he had a triumph.


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