Adam Rowe, Jon Pearson, Rob Mulholland, Tom King and Brian Damage & Krysstal

Funhouse Comedy Clubs- East Midlands​ night at The Diamond. This is a good venue, but one that has suffered a bit from lack of numbers. However, tonight, numbers were good, which helped create a good atmosphere. Compering was Spiky Mike. Opening act was Adam Rowe, who was only opening as he was closing elsewhere. He effortlessly held the room from the moment he hit the stage, with no awkward links between material and had some really good stuff about an ex workmate. As with a lot of Scouse comics, he based a fair bit of his material on this, but had a broad appeal and so didn’t feel limited by this. Next up was Jon Pearson​ doing a ten spot, the only rationale for this, as he is, in my experience normally a good closer, is that he was being given a trial by Funhouse. He performed a good set, that received good laughs and was well received, with a few nice adlibs. It was a confident performance and again, demonstrated the sort of stage presence you’d expect. Next on was Rob Mulholland, who had it nailed from the opening, with his comments on how he looks and comes across. This was a really good opening, and with his fast delivery he established a presence. I wasn’t sure about his drugs material, initially, yet this proved to be his strongest material. The third of the ten spots was Tom King, who did a set largely based around his job. This went down well and he got strong laughs. I’m not sure if there is enough in it for twenty minutes and he may have to broaden out as 10 minutes of material based around work is probably ling enough. However, he has a good delivery and so I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem. As it stands, it’s a good solid 10 minutes there. The closer was Brian Damage and Krysstal. The patter was stronger than the songs, but they did very well The audience work was extremely good, with some nice adlibs fitted in to the audience.


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