Andy Parsons

Andy Parsons​ at the Guildhall in Derby (front row seat, which was nice). It’s quite a classy venue, but doesn’t hold as many seats as you’d think. As with a comic of such experience, you’d expect a smooth and polished performance and this is what you got. There were a few irregularities with smoking floor lights, but this just became an opportunity for some rather nice ad-libs. He had no trouble picking up where he left off from with his routine. His style live is the same as on Mock The Week​ – very dry and knowing with a wonderful rhythm of speech that adds a lot to the merriment. The first half was a routine about life in general, which worked fine, but the gold was in the second part, where we got observational humour about politics and the state of ourselves and the nation. I’m not sure how much of that will survive the results of the Election tomorrow, as we may have had enough of politics come Friday. There were plenty of references to earlier material and occurrences that kept the audience on their toes and provided for a good sound finale.


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