Duncan Oakley, Billy Lowther, Colin Havey, Andy Watson and Chris Brooker (MC)

Thorncliffe Social Club in Sheffield has a large airy room that is surprisingly good for comedy. It was strange seeing the first act go on in daylight, but this was no handicap to the success of the night. However, I do wish they had oiled the door, as this did have an irritating squeak. This was FAF promotions​ opening night at this venue and judging from how good a night everyone had, not their last.

Chris Brooker was MC. He didn’t need to dip into any material, nor did he need to ask too many people what they did. Instead, the he just found material within the room. He gave a confident performance that was perfectly pitched to the audience and one that got a lot of laughs. In fact, it was hard to hear what he was saying at one point, because of all the laughter.

Andy Watson opened. He made a strong start and continued to make a strong impression with lots of physical comedy and a good routine. He received a stunning response to his friend falling out line and delivered a set that hung together very well, without putting a foot wrong. The audience loved every minute of his set.

Colin Havey​ had a cracking night. He received a laughter break within the first minute and gave a lovely performance. His delivery was good, his material was fine. He received consistent laughs and was very enjoyable. His greatest moment came off the back of an ad-lib he threw out, when Andy Watson accidentally leaned on the light switch for the room, this possibly deserved an applause break.

Billy Lowther opened with a silly joke that got a huge laugh, this laugh went on that long, that for two minutes, all he needed to do was stand there and look at the audience for the laugh to continue. His style is a mixture of dry wit and some stunningly dark one liners. This is a man who knows his strengths and plays to them in a way that produces mirth. He had a really good night and filled the entire room with laughter.

Duncan Oakley closed. He is an all rounder. He does musical comedy, visual gags, puns, one liners and some good routines. He was a bit of a change to the previous comics, but a change the audience enjoyed. He possibly lost a touch of momentum with a bit of banter with the room, but regained it almost instantly. He provided a strong close to a really good night.


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