Ivan Brackenbury, Tom Binns, Ian De Montfort, Stoney and Joe Bromehead (MC)

Tonight was a new comedy night hosted by Fafcomedy Clubs in Hucknall, at the George St WMC. This is a massive venue, with seating for probably half of Hucknall and a bar 100 yards away from the stage at the other end of the room. And stage it is – the stage is big enough to put on a panto of dramatic proportions. The room wasn’t totally packed out, but was pretty full, although the first 20 yards of seating was vacant, which was a shame. Joe Bromehead’s compering revealed that 95% of the room hadn’t been to a comedy night before, but they soon got the idea. A lot of the room were over 60 with only a smattering of people under 30. It was nice to see Chris Sherwood there, although he wasn’t gigging, it’s good when local talent come out to support a night.
Compere was Joe Bromehead. I’ve seen him before at the Staindrop, where he quickly set the level. Tonight, he felt his way a bit more carefully, probably due to the age of the audience. It’s hard to know how far to go with swearing and content in a room like tonight’s. However, this was no handicap to him, as he swiftly established his authority and warmed the room up nicely, without having to take a census of what people did. During his second session he got some good laughs for his material and was good fun to see.
Opening was the psychic Ian D Montfort. I loved his use of language, how he’d elongate the final syllable of mediuuuuuuum. He made a clever use of the empty seats at the front and set off to a great start. The room got him immediately and worked with him. His triple death routine was that funny I nearly hurt my ribs laughing. He had a massively impressive set up and ultimate triumph when he asked a member of the audience to pick a word.
After the intermission was Stoney. He continues to do really well with his deadpan set. He had the room laughing before he had opened his mouth and this continued for a good minute. Whilst he took a drink of water a few people talked, but this sipping was useful for pacing, as when he continued, it was with greater emphasis and the room were his again. He went down very well, with an applause break.
Following this was Tom Binns, demonstrating a relaxed presence. He did a stand up routine, followed by a ventriloquist act, topped by a song. This was a really good enjoyable set. This was a subtle set in some ways and not all of the jokes landed, but that was more due to the room, as both delivery and material were excellent.
Closing was Ivan Brackenbury, the hospital DJ, who was luckily broadcasting from the WMC. He absolutely smashed the gig, getting massive laughs throughout. I nearly hurt my ribs laughing at Ian D Montfort, but I actually did hurt them laughing at Brackenbury. The acting on stage during the music really sells this character. This was an extremely good night. I’ve been trying to see Montfort, Binns and Brackenbury for over a year, but our paths haven’t crossed. This was worth the wait.

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