Caimh McDonnell – Edinburgh Preview

This afternoon I was at the Funhouse All day event in Derby at Bar 1. I’d liked to have stayed for more than one act, but didn’t have the opportunity. However, the ticket price (£7 incredibly cheap) was worth it for the comedian I especially wanted to see: the one and only Caimh McDonnell.
This was an Edinburgh Preview (isn’t everything this time of year?) of his show Bride and Prejudice. Caimh made a strong start discussing his recent honeymoon in the American South and a lady called Barbara, before moving on to discuss his marriage and various racial prejudices. He got good laughs for an anecdote based around a previous job (this was a real gem), newspaper hypocrisy, a stag weekend, cultural differences and internet dating. Thankfully the internet dating section was extremely short and totally in context to the show – this is no criticism of McDonnell, but northwards of 20 comics have explained how Tinder works to rooms I’ve been in during the last 2 months and so I was glad that he had more rewarding things to make the room laugh with.
McDonnell has a fast paced delivery, which is perfect to the material and manages to inject energy into a room without the need to bounce around the stage. When Caimh draws a mental picture, he draws it well; the section where he was talking about his parents, one could almost imagine the wallpaper and teapot mashing. It was very noticeable that there were no shuffling of feet or people looking around the room whilst he was talking – he held the attention of everyone for the hour.
This was an hour of comedy that had a natural flow and delivery that passed swiftly and was filled with laughter. McDonnell is something of an enigma, in some ways. He is a man with solid writing credits, radio work and is well respected in the comedy industry, but is so almost unbelievably little known in the wider world (apologies to Rugby fans).

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