End of the Month Recommendations from Nott’s Comedy Review

This is a copy of the email I have sent out to various bookers, promoters, clubs and agents with my recommendations on.


this month I have seen 38 acts, including 6 Edinburgh Previews. I am not recommending any of the comedians from the previews, as they are either well known already, or are people I have already recommended. Similarly I shan’t be recommending any comic I have previously mentioned in the preceding few months.

The full site is to be found here:


However, these are the three that stood out as being those I could most recommend.

David Tsonos

He performed in (Jongleurs Nottingham) to around 45 people, including 2 rather obnoxious stag parties, sat right at the front. This was the second time I’d seen him and I was really pleased to see his name on the bill. He’s fits the chap in a suit with a microphone stereotype, but he’s very perceptive and seems to be able to sense how to play a room. His material is sound, his delivery is superb and although he lets people know he is Canadian, being foreign isn’t the whole of his act, it is merely incidental.

This was my review from the night:

The first act was the talented David Tsonos. He pretty much instantly had the room weighed up and decided to deal with the stag parties head on. In what could have been a high risk move, he informed the two groups that he could take anything they had and beat them at it. With a comedian of less authority, this could well have opened a can of worms if twenty people had started shouting out, but with Tsonos, this approach was a real winner. It gave him chance to work in some material about divorce and cats. Tsonos has a nice style, where he will banter with a room and then reference his material to the room. This makes it feel relevant and of the now and is, frankly, a nice touch. He didn’t get out as much material as he would have done on a different night, but instead he bantered with the room, getting good strong laughs and controlling events nicely. It was a joy to see him again.

Adam Rowe

Rowe is a comedian I’ve seen twice and although I enjoyed the first occasion, he seemed to do what a lot of Liverpudlian comedians do and that was spend a lot of time referencing Liverpool. This wasn’t bad, but it is just something that a lot of comics from that area seem to do and it didn’t help him stand out. However, his second performance demonstrated a use of more wide ranging material, which to me lifted him above this and showed a lot of ability.

The review of the night:

The first act was Adam Rowe. I’ve seen him before and enjoyed his work. Tonight he was trying some new material out and on the basis of what I saw, it all flowed very nicely. His cockeyed couple opening worked well, as did WD40 and there was a great double reveal to the dick size routine. His story about being mugged earned him an applause break, which was no surprise. The audience were thoroughly entertained. He has a one man show coming up later in the year in Liverpool and that is worth seeing.

Graham Milton

He is another comedian I’ve seen a couple of times. He isn’t a depressive comedian who tells the audience how terrible his life is, so much as one that is world weary and is quite looking forwards to getting a rest from it all. The first gig I saw him at had a table full of drunks who loused up everyone’s night. He was one of the few acts that they didn’t misbehave for. He holds a room nicely and has a good sense of timing. He’s a comedian that is very much on my radar.

The review of the night:

The ever entertaining Graham Milton opened play after the first interval. He was robbed of the momentum generated by his opening material by four late comers, but this wasn’t a serious impediment. He delivered good material from a set that hung together very well. He reminds me of Andrew Lawrence, but without the bitterness. The room enjoyed his set and it was fun to watch him alternately use material and banter with the room.

Other comedians that have impressed me:

Freddy Quinne (MC)

I’ve seen Quinne twice this month and it was as MC that he gave the better performance. He made banter seem almost effortless and was very swift on his feet with the responses he got back from the audience. He did a bit of asking people what they did, but it never came close to conducting a census of the room. It was more a chance for him to find a couple of foils in the audience that he referenced for the remainder of the night, which made it feel very inclusive and as if he was interested in people, rather than trying to remember which motorway junctions would be closed on the way home.

Simon Wozniak

His performance is rather unique in the respect that he didn’t impress me and although I’d rather mention someone who I personally enjoyed, he impressed everyone else in the room. He has a fast and vitriolic delivery, telling the room exactly what he thinks of people who put videos of their kids singing on facebook and meal deals that don’t include the correct variety of Lilt. I saw him at a new act/new material night, 2 hours into the night, which is not the best time to go on, as half the room had left and the remainder were pretty weary. However, he injected energy into the room and had 19 out of the 20 people there laughing loud.


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