Nott’s Comedy Festival – Jim Smallman

Last night I was at the Canal House for two gigs. the first of which was Jim Smallman’s show – My Girls. He had taken this up to Edinburgh earlier in the year and it was by all accounts an enjoyable show. Originally another comedian had been booked in for this slot, but had dropped out only 2-3 weeks prior to the night, which had hurt numbers. This wasn’t something that bothered Smallman, though. Prior to his opening, he was quite happy chatting to the audience, sharing a large bag of Haribo out. This was very pleasant and one couldn’t help but get a good vibe from him.
The show itself was totally charming and surprisingly emotional. It was a very uplifting hour, with some surprising pathos concerning his mum, who is a legend. The subject matter was anecdotes concerning the 2 ladies in his life: his wife and daughter. The material was very funny and had a nice depth to it. At the end, if Smallman had put on screen a number of statements his daughter had made and one’s she hadn’t I think we would have known enough of her to spot the true ones, which shows how well we got to appreciate his girls. As solid as the material was, what really made the show was Smallman himself. He is a man who has the gift of happiness and this really shines through, manifesting itself in an infectious geniality. The end result was an uplifting feel good hour of comedy that brightened up everyone’s night.

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