The Nott’s Comedy Review Awards for 2015

Nott’s Comedy Review is doing 3 awards this year, all with prize money in the form of a Postal Order. The categories are: The most improved gong show entrant (£25 postal order), the funniest ten spot (£50) and MC of the year (£50).
As the professional acts are up for most awards going, I wanted to concentrate more on the up and coming acts, as these aren’t always recognised for their ability. Hence I have sadly had to exclude professional acts (acts who regularly get paid for their work) from my considerations.
The most improved Gong Show entrant goes to Chris Stiles from Yorkshire. I saw his act at the beginning of the year and it has improved greatly. It is now no longer a monologue delivered in a monotone, but is engaging, has some stand out material and has simply come on in leaps and bounds. He wins a postal order for £25
The funniest ten spot was more difficult to decide on, as there are so many non-professional acts who have a splendid ten minute set. The winner, out of a strong field is: Billy Lowther from Hull. His ten minutes is absolutely fantastic – it flows naturally, he delivers it at a perfect pace, his timing is impeccable, the material is incredibly strong and it is a joy not only see personally, but to watch an audience enjoy. He wins a postal order for £50
The MC of the year was another tricky one to decide on. I’ve seen some absolutely fantastic professional comics MC this year and once they are removed from the equation the stand out winner was Wayne Beese of Dudley. Beese is a natural compere. He doesn’t have to press anyone to talk to him, people just seem to want to open up and confide in him. He’s also got a good sense of when to move on, so doesn’t get bogged down in a zero sum game. In addition and in no means least, he isn’t afraid to do something other than ask people what they do for a living. He wins a postal order for £50.
I shall be in touch with the winners to enquire as to what address to post their prizes to. Hopefully we can avoid the last posting date for Christmas and these will arrive in time to be spent on something nice in the sales.
To anyone who hasn’t won an award – I don’t think any less of thee, if I’d seen you on another night, or perhaps seen the winners on nights where they didn’t do so well, then the results may well have been different. All I can say is better luck next year.
Most improved gong show entrant – Chris Stiles
Funniest ten spot – Billy Lowther
MC of the year – Wayne Beese

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