End of year round up

The stats are:

92 gigs attended out of 140 nights when I was free

approx. 350 individual reviews of which 310 were male and 40 female

Most seen comic was Jon Pearson (16 times) followed by Thomas Rackham (7 times)

Out of 92 gigs, only 4 were compered by ladies (Laura Lexx, Laura Monmoth, Jo D’arcy and Frantique Doyle) which is a shocking statistic

Furthest – a delightful Teknicolour Smoof gig in Telford

Closest – Create Theatre in Mansfield and more or less on my doorstep


This has been my first year as a reviewer (almost, as I started in February) and I’ve been very impressed by the comedy talent that I have seen. This year I’ve seen some big names such as Noble, Carr (Alan) and Bridges and also some people who were doing their first ever gigs. One of the most surprising things has been the sheer quality of comedy that is out there. I’ve been to many a gong or open mic where there have been acts who have been great. I count myself lucky to have seen a few people who, in the fullness of time, will become household names. At the other end of the scale, I’ve only seen one person (who shall remain nameless) who I believe is totally wasting everyone’s time, including their own. I’m also amazed at just how reasonably priced a damn good nights’ entertainment is, but also extremely disappointed at how few people go to live comedy.

My awards for upcoming talent went to Billy Lowther for the funniest 10 spot (£50 postal order), Wayne Beese for up and coming MC (£50 postal order) and Chris Stiles for most improved gong show entrant (£25 postal order). I was pleased to be able to give something back and I’m looking forward to seeing how these progress in the coming year.

From who I’ve seen this year my fantasy line up would probably be a combination of:

Jon Pearson – he’s really at home on stage

Phil Pagett – brilliant one liners

Rivka Uttley – delivers her routine with wonderful conviction

Peter Brush – a really clever use of words

Billy Lowther – extremely funny

Ben Briggs – I’ve hurt myself laughing at him

The best gig is a difficult one to choose, as I’ve seen so many excellent gigs. However, if pushed I’d perhaps select FAF Promotions at Bentinck Miner’s Welfare, where Tom Binns did all of his characters. A close second would be Funhouse’s gong show at the Maze in November, which mixed car crash acts with extremely good ones.

The worst gig and in fact the only gig I left before it finished was a charity night that was almost a tick list of why charity gigs are bad ideas. The evening included: city centre pub on a Saturday night, loads of disinterested drinkers wondering what the hell was going off, enough conversation to make it hard to follow routines, a talk (with slide show) about the deprivation in Nepal at the top of the night and so on….

During the coming year I’m hoping to see acts continue to hone their existing material and just as importantly, develop new material. I’d like to see more female acts on the circuit, especially compering.


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