Geoff Norcott – Conswervative

I was particularly attracted to Geoff Norcott’s show, Conswervative (Underbelly 1910), because it is refreshingly different to seeing left wing comedians who mostly echo my own views. I fancied being challenged by the other side, although it was hard not to boo when he was disparaging about Corbyn wanting to reopen the Pits. There was quite a lot of audience interaction, but Norcott never ever came close to losing control and letting it degenerate into a political row, despite there being present the only person I’ve ever heard say anything nice about Leadsom.

This is a show that must have been very frustrating for Norcott to write and he does touch on the political changes that have occurred since the genesis of Conswervative, back when Cameron had a job, Brexit was not a thing and Boris was a buffoon kept away from anything nationally important. If this show were a dvd, then the deleted scenes reel would be fascinating viewing. There were a lot of wonderful sections and lines, such as (to name a few of many) the acting out of counselling, the change in timbre when discussing his mum’s villainy, the sidecar and especially Norcott’s reaction to discovering all too late that there was a rozzer in the audience.

The narrative arc of the show is how Norcott, despite his background has become a conservative (note the small c). He’s not a brash right winger, but instead he is a firm believer in people taking more responsibility for their own lives and he sells this premise well. In fact, he sells the entire show well. In contrast to a show I saw this afternoon, this one definitely had the awareness of being a comedy show and Norcott was refreshingly vibrant in his delivery. Rather than having the feel of being midway through a long run, it was easy to believe that this was a show for one night only and he was trying to give the room something special.

This was a show that made an hour pass very quickly and was thoroughly enjoyable with a lot of laughter. I do think, though, that I was perhaps the only person who was sat in a position to spot the irony in a comedian discussing right wing politics whilst wearing shoes marked ‘Soviet’.


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