Rory O’Keeffe – Monoglot

Thanks to Helen Stead who was generous with a spare complimentary ticket (the only show I’ve not paid for so far) I got to see Rory O’Keeffe’s show Monoglot (Pleasance Courtyard 1645) this afternoon. There were some fun touches to this show, such as his tale about having to buy tickets to his own show, his school power point, the visual pants gag and the deconstruction of the phrase ‘give her one from me’. There were also some segments that were quite clever, such as the analogy between reading a book with a friend and watching a film and the multitude of Italian words for coat hangers, but these were probably more clever than funny.

This show had more of the feel of a presentation than that of an actual comedy show. Partly this was due to it being power point heavy and also due to the tone set by O’Keeffe, which was conversational. O’Keeffe is a confident stage presence, but not an especially energetic one and this added to the feel that I was sitting through a works’ presentation that included some jokes. There were a good number of callbacks that added value, but these weren’t enough to change the tone of the show. This was an amiable and pleasant hour, but unfortunately not an especially laugh out loud one.


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