Thomas Green – That’ll teach you

Thomas Green’s show, That’ll teach you (Gilded Balloon/Counting House 2030), is located in an attic that has the dimensions of a coal cellar and the temperature of an oven slow cooking stewing steak. The heat was partially diffused by two fans that were set on gale force 10 and luckily the noise that these made soon faded into the background when the show started.

Green didn’t need to do any room work to warm the audience up, instead he relied upon his easy accessibility and natural skills as a performer to immediately bring people onboard with what he was saying. The topics discussed were his family, his time spent as a teacher and men getting on with women. These are areas that a lot of comedians talk about, yet Green has such strong performance skills that he adds a lot of life to them and this explains why there were constant big laughs coming from the audience. Having last seen him a month ago it was very easy to spot just how much he has improved in the time he has been up here, with stronger reveals (especially on fire hose), little tweaks to his phrasing and the expressions he pulls. Green is a very visual comic who can easily act out what he is describing with his eyes rolled up to show the whites in what at any other time would be a quite disturbing manner. He is also very enthusiastic and this is infectious with the audience bouncing back off of this. Every so often he’d chat to the assembled people and he seemed genuinely interested in their answers to his questions, with some nice ad-libs in response.

This was a show that was very funny and it was great to hear so many people laughing.


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