Micky Sharma – A Sharma Sultra’s Tale

I’ve just been to see Micky Sharma’s show, A Sharma Sultra’s Tale (White Horse midday). Sharma is an act who has a good reputation with the comics from the West Midlands and I quite often see his name being put forward for gigs. I couldn’t help but think that this was a surprising time slot to see him in, though. A lot of his material is fairly sexual and a midday show, as opposed to a midnight show plays against this, something that he himself acknowledged a few times when the odd joke got a smaller response than it should have.

The audience was as mixed a demographic as I’ve seen at a gig, with a big age range and it was also very international, too. There was something slightly surreal in watching 3 ladies in their early 60s sat drinking tea from a cup with a saucer during a show.

Sharma began very nicely by chatting to people, discovering where they were from and how long they had been in a relationship, conventional, but very useful as a springboard into the theme of this performance, which is largely about his relationships with women. I enjoyed him assigning nicknames to people (Golden Girls, Holly Oaks and Frank Zappa) as this made the show less him and us and a lot more inclusive. The material itself was good, with attempted delivery, the morning after a threesome and alkaline being notably great. My personal favourites were his description of Fred West to the internationals in the room and his Plenty of Fish profile, which deserved far more than the audience gave him.

Sharma is a lively performer, who adds no end of actions, noises and expressions as he delivers his material and this is a huge bonus, as it injects a lot of life into the show. He was unfortunate in that the venue were having the drains unblocked throughout most of his set and the noise bleed from this was horrific, but these things happen and he did well to not only carry on, but to also hold the attention of the room so well.

This is a good show that was consistently entertaining, but it would benefit from a later scheduling for Sharma to get the full response for his talents.


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