Sameer Khan – at the zoo

I popped out to see one of two late shows. The options were either Sameer Khan or Roger Swift’s Best of Teknicolour Smoof, as they were both at The Free Sisters and started more or less the same time. I was fairly easy going with either show, but as Roger wasn’t sure his would be going ahead, I selected Sameer Khan’s At the Zoo. This was located in the Staff Room of the Free Sisters and it’s a tricky room to play. It’s tiny and like the tent outside, it suffers from appalling noise bleed, which made it hard for Khan to build momentum, even with the door closed, which did help.

This is a show that contains some decent material, such as fluffer (which he could have exploited more) and if you have to ask, which was probably the best line of the show. Khan also had some very accomplished ad libs, which in a lot of ways were a lot sharper than his material. His remarks concerning planes being taken down sounded out of context to some latecomers was especially good even if it was the obvious line to go with. What differentiated Khan’s ad libs from the rest of his set was that they were immediate and didn’t involve overly long set ups. It was a case of bang and then some laughter.

Khan is quite a verbose person and he uses a lot of words in the set ups to his material and would benefit from editing this down to only the essential elements and this would give his show a lot more of an immediate impact. Unfortunately at the moment quite a lot of his material seemed to go astray during the build and this was a shame as I felt that there is a decent show trying to get out.


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