Kev’s Komedy Kitchen

The best show that I have seen in the fringe, so far, is Kev’s Komedy Kitchen (Mash House, 1540), starring Kevin Dewsbury, Will Hutchby and Hannah Blakeley plus Mike Newall and Chris Tavener (rotating guest spot). This show has been recommended by a lot of people and is Elliott Bower’s (who was present to see it for the 3rd time) favourite show of the Fringe, so I thought it well worth checking out and I’m extremely glad that I did. This is quirky, different, has a feel good factor to it and is immensely engaging.

It is almost a cross between a short comedy play and a long sketch, yet it doesn’t suffer from any drop in the energy levels nor the feeling that it has been padded to make the time up. Instead, it is a masterpiece of performance and comedy, with strong elements of farce and character. The format is that Kev, the fading and jaded star, is making a Saturday Morning cookery show and it is being filmed, with Will Hutchby playing the floor manager and Blakeley playing Parker, the special guest, a posh girl who in contrast to Kev, has had success in life handed to her on a silver platter. Everyone is pitch perfect in these roles. Dewsbury as the star who is gradually losing his patience and getting aggravated by all around him, Hutchby is energetic and never misses a step with his work, whereas Blakeley has mastered the art of being detached and aloof, whilst letting her facial mannerisms show all of the acting that is needed to be amusing without actually doing anything obvious. Newall who plays an emergency guest chef is low energy and superb with his down to earth additions to the show, whereas Tavener who plays another guest, who is there to plug an album, adds a level of reality to the show with his exclamations.

Every word and gesture by the participants adds value to this show. There is no obvious fat to it and this ensures that it cracks on at a fast pace, making it a hour long show that feels like one has only been sat there for fifteen minutes. I enjoyed every minute of this show and if I had to pick a highlight to it, then it would be a toss up between Rosemary West or Keith Chegwin, which niche as it may have been, hit home hard with those in the know.

From the opening song, to the chase at the end, this is a show that has a massive feel good factor and it manages to be extremely entertaining without feeling the need to be edgy. This is a must see show.


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