Edinburgh – twelve shows to see and why

I’ve enjoyed being in Edinburgh and whilst a week isn’t nearly enough to see everything, I’ve had a great time and I’ve even managed to resist the urge to shout at pretentious street performers. It’s a shame that a lot of shows start and end on the hour, as this makes it very difficult to get out of one and then get into the next one before all of the seats are gone or the show is in full swing. I’d be in favour of more of the times being staggered. Also, the noise bleed in a lot venues is appalling, especially the tent at the Free Sisters, where comics seem to have to work hard just to compete with the noise. I was going to do a list of ten shows to see, but I’m damned if I can whittle it down to ten, so instead in no particular order, here are twelve shows to see and why:

Kev’s Komedy Kitchen – this is a superb show and the best thing I’ve seen up here. It’s hilarious, see it, tell your friends to see it, but don’t miss it. I loved it.


Doug Segal: I can make you feel good – magic, mind reading and comedy. This is different and good fun and a great show.


Peter Brush: Dreams with advert breaks – supremely well written and very, very clever.


Thomas Green: That’ll Teach You – a great performance, good material and all round fun.


Scarlet SoHandsome and Fiends: a combination of great audience work and material.


Geoff Norcott: Conswervative – well written, well delivered and very enjoyable


Tony Cowards: Daft Pun – great one-liners from someone who should be more famous than he is.


Robyn Perkins: (is a) work in progress – lots of charm and fun


Roger Swift: Punderstudy – it’s silly, it’s daft but it is also gloriously funny.


Hell to Play: a panel show that has a real spectacle feel about it


Jay Islaam: Travels with Autism – for a show that is less about the comedy than it is about the tale, this is still very funny.


Emily Lloyd Saint: Is this part of the show? A little bit quirky and different, with plenty of laughs.



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