Emily Lloyd Saini – Is this part of the Show?

For my last show of the fringe I chose to see Emily Lloyd Saini’s Is this part of the show? (Cabaret Voltaire 20:30). I chose this one because the title sounded delightfully scatterbrained and this appealed to me. The show is located in a sauna at the bottom of a maze and with the possible exception of The Staff Room at the Free Sisters, it is the smallest performance area I’ve been in. Emily LS, who should probably change her photo on the EdFringe site, as it shows none of her warmth and charm, was very considerate in pointing out how hot the room would get and after appointing a monitor to waft some cold air in via the door curtain, advised people to get something to drink.

Lloyd Saini began the show by pointing out that the format would be music and songs, which set up a nice piece of misdirection, the first of a couple of these. From here, she moved into the narrative arc of the show, which was her young belief that she was being filmed and her mugging to the camera whenever there was a mishap. This show was technically sound, with callbacks and surprise reveals. It included some great stories, such as the tattoo; but the ones that struck home the hardest were the hot wax, where her acting out the reveal pretty much took the roof off and the two closing routines, which weren’t that far behind in creating laughter. In fact one youth ended up doubled up laughing and then as Emily’s words of comfort to him made him laugh again, he ended up spitting his drink out, which just made everyone else start laughing again. The only story that I felt had a predictable reveal was the list of shows, which would have been hard to do any other way and this received a laugh, all the same. Despite the horrible noise bleed there was constant laughter.

Emily LS performs her show with glee and sparkle and everyone warmed to her within the first millisecond. She has bags of charm and is one of those people who don’t look as if they should swear. This meant that every time she did swear it was automatically humorous, even before she began going into her material. In addition, like Barry Dodds, she thinks aloud and this means that all of the little asides were audible. These added to the feel of intimacy of this show and as ad libs go, they were all pretty decent. I’ve a suspicion that Lloyd Saini is one of those people persons, for whom one’s time passes quickly when you are in their company. When she is performing this little gem of a show, time flies extremely enjoyably and this is an hour well spent.


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