Nott’s Comedy Review – Awards for 2016

Last year Nott’s Comedy Review did awards in 3 categories, but this year I am expanding it slightly to encompass 4 categories:

The funniest act (£50 prize)

Up and coming MC (£25)

Most improved act (£25)

Written comedy (£25)

The money will either be handed over in cash when I see the comedian, or I can pop a postal order in the post to them, or through paypal.

I have excluded pro acts from the awards, as I’d like this to be a nice bonus to those acts who don’t (yet) earn their living from performing.

Written comedy is an award that recognises the splendid new material that some comedians try out on facebook. Not all of this makes its way into a set, but just reading it brightens up the day and just makes the world a slightly better place.

This was a three horse race between Masai Graham, Tony Cowards and Phil Pagett. All three have shared some brilliant jokes on facebook. Pagett edged this through matching the quality of Cowards and Graham, but surpassing them in quantity of puns. Pagett will receive £25.

The most improved act was an easy choice. This had to go to Moses Ali Khan. I thought he was good when I saw him last year and he has done nothing but improve ever since then. He works hard at comedy and it shows. He will receive £25.

Regarding comperes, Wayne Beese remains the best non professional that I have seen, but as he won last year, he is not in the running this year. Jim Bayes gets this award for a splendid performance he put in at a FaF Promotions gig (Bluey’s March 29th). During this gig he not only demonstrated a marked improvement from when I had seen him MC a year before, but he also didn’t put a foot wrong and it was nice to see a compere who was original in his thinking and didn’t take a census of occupations and locations. Bayes receives £25

The funniest act was a tricky one to pick, as I originally considered all sorts of factors, such as material, stage presence, delivery and charisma, etc. In the end, I decided to give it to Roger Swift. He may look like a man who is having a nervous breakdown on stage and he can split a room, but his set is splendiferously hilarious and he is someone whom I can watch repeatedly and enjoy just as much every time. Swift receives £50.


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