Notts Comedy Review awards for 2017

These are only open to non-pro acts and this year there are three categories:

Funniest act (£50 prize)

Best performance (£25 prize)

Most improved act (£25 prize)

The prize money will be remitted through paypal or in cash when I see the act.

I have excluded pro acts because I want this to be a nice little bonus for those acts who don’t (yet) earn their living through performing comedy. Previous winners are also excluded, as it’s not fair on others to award prizes to the same performers.

Funniest act (£50 prize)

This was initially a two horse race and for a while it was looking like I’d have to declare it a draw and double the prize money as it was so hard to choose between them. There are two acts who have smashed every gig I’ve seen them at and I’ve probably seen them half a dozen times each and such consistency is fantastic. One of them, Scott Bennett, has turned pro and so is unfortunately ineligible, but the other, although the biggest rising star of the circuit is still semi-pro. Simon Lomas wins £50 as the funniest act.

Best performance (£25 prize)

I considered two acts for this: Rob Kemp and Stevie Gray. With The Elvis Dead, Rob Kemp has developed a masterpiece, but what makes it work is his performance. He is massively committed to the role and gives it his all. How he’s not broke a few ribs I’ll never know. In addition to this he pitches it just right and the result has been a cult hit. When I’ve seen the show, he has been performing it in front of a polite, well mannered and very up for it audience and whilst this doesn’t take anything away from his skills, it does make things more conducive. In contrast I saw Stevie Gray at what was an awful gig. The MC was inexperienced, the room was large with open curtains, the first act, good as he is, was too low energy to bring people into it and the audience (comedy first timers) was dreadful. There were only a handful of people in a space that could hold forty or so. They were spread out, the people at the back just chatted amongst themselves a lot, I think someone had some food arrive and in short, through a perfect storm of circumstances, it was looking likely that at the intermission people would leave and not bother coming back. Most nights can survive a few of these factors, but all of them combined made it a terrible atmosphere. I believe Gray was down to close the gig, but instead he volunteered to go on second and through hard work, force of personality and sheer performance he saved the gig and made it playable. This means that Stevie Gray wins the Best Performance award.

Most improved act (£25 prize)

This was between Daniel Triscott who has been making great strides in becoming a stronger act and Jamie Hutchinson, who whilst already a good act has moved up several gears. Whilst Triscott has improved and is definitely far better, the scale of improvement I witnessed the last time I saw Hutchinson was simply amazing. His new style of delivery was superb, his material much more powerful and as a result, his performance was fantastic. Jamie Hutchinson gets the award for Most Improved Act.

Previous winners can be found here and here


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