The Notts Comedy Review Awards for 2018

These are only open to non-pro acts and this year the categories and prizes are:

Best performance of the year £50

Most improved act of the year £25

New act of the year £25

The prize money will be remitted through Paypal or in cash when I see the act, or if our paths don’t cross, I can pop a cheque in the post to them.

I have excluded pro acts because it is nice to give something to the up and coming acts who don’t (yet) earn a living through comedy. Past winners are excluded so as to give other acts a chance.

Best Performance of the year:

This goes to Lindsey Santoro for her set at the Ashby heat of English Comedian of the Year on the 9th of May. There was a strong line up here that included some very experienced pro acts as well as some powerful up and coming comedians, yet Santoro gave such a mighty performance that she scooped second place with a massive number of votes. The audience in Ashby don’t really go for sexual material unless it is very good and Santoro had them in the palm of her hand, which made her performance all the more impressive. I’m surprised that she isn’t booked more than she is. Lindsey Santoro gets £50 for the best performance of the year.

Honourable Mention: Aaron Simmonds, Chris Kehoe

Most Improved Act of the Year:

Jack Topher‘s always been a fun act to watch. However, this year he has really discovered his comedy mojo and has visibly progressed in ability. He’s gigging a hell of a lot more and this shows in his performance skills. He’s not yet as good as he will become, but he is on his way. Jack Topher is the most improved act of the year.

Honourable Mention: Brian Bell

New Act of the Year:

This can only go to Doug Carter. He has got an amazing presence and a rawness about him that works really well. Usually when an act is a bit rough around the edges they polish up, but I think in Doug’s case he would lose the uniqueness that comes with his persona. Instead, with more experience, he will gain the ability to sell himself to different audiences and progress to bigger gigs. He is certainly someone to watch. Doug Carter is the Notts Comedy Review new act of the year.

Honourable Mention: Oscar Roberts

Previous winners have included:

2017: Simon Lomas funniest act, Jamie Hutchinson most improved act, Stevie Gray best performance.

2016: Phil Pagett written comedy, Moses Ali Khan most improved act, Jim Bayes best compere, Roger Swift funniest act,

2015: Billy Lowther funniest act, Wayne Beese best compere, Chris Giles most improved gong show act.


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