Notts Comedy Review end of year round up and predictions for 2019

This has been a superb year for comedy. Owing to work, I’m only off 180 or so nights of the year, but I’m happy to have gone to almost 100 gigs and I’ve seen a lot of great acts.

I was very pleased with the Notts Comedy Review Awards:

Lindsey Santoro receiving £50 for the best performance

Jack Topher, £25 most improved act

Doug Carter, £25 new act of the year

The highlights of the year have included:

Seeing some excellent English Comedian of the Year heats. This contest seems to have really taken off and there has been some amazing heats that have attracted some top acts.

Scott Bennett – he has been fantastically consistent in his ability to smash every room I’ve seen him in.

The Parapod Live was another excellent show in front of an audience full of love for the two stars, Dodds and Boldsworth.

It’s been nice to be invited onto Radio Derby to chat about comedy in the area so often.

The predictions for 2019:

Breakthrough year: Adam Rowe will be on telly before the year is out.

Radu Isac, Rahul Kohli and Steff Todd will all hopefully breakthrough this year.

Great year for career progress:

Aaron Simmonds, Chris Jones, Doug Carter, Eric Rushton, Harvey Hawkins, Jamie Hutchinson, Kathryn Mather, Lindsey Santoro, Lukas Kirby, Mark Grimshaw, Mike Carter,

Newer acts who have impressed

Daniel Eagle, Lauren Walsh, Oscar Roberts


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